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The Moonshine Ranch

The Moonshine Ranch is located in Wayne County, North Eastern of Pennsylvania. We offer a wide variety of hunting adventures, including the free range and preserve hunts with Archery and Crossbow, as well as shotgun and rifle hunts.

Your host and guide is Lou Lampitelli, a well traveled and experienced hunter. He has hunted all over the world. He is an avid bow hunter, and has harvested over 30 plains game species, as well as dangerous game with his bow. By traveling a very short distance from your home, a hunter can leave his everyday problems, while he relaxes in the wild. Lou’s knowledge and experience will provide you with an exciting and memorable hunt.

Whitetail Deer hunting

on private property as well as leased farm land makes The Moonshine Ranch a hunter’s dream. We offer Archery, Crossbow as well as shotgun and rifle.

Guided Hunts 3 Days with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and lodging

• Archery – $1,200 per hunter

• Gun or Muzzleloader – $1,675 per hunter

Without Meals or Lodging

• Archery Hunter – $775 per hunter

• Gun or Muzzleloader – $995 per Hunter


Boar Hunt Special

All Inclusive Package: 1 Russian Boar up to 200 lbs + 1 over night stay includes food & lodging + Custom Butchering and Freezer Wrapped


Add extra night for a 2 day package $1173.00


Spring and Fall Turkey Hunts

3 Day Guided Hunt includes 3 meals and lodging

$1200 per person
or $375 daily rate with 3 meals and lodging included.


Preserve Hunts

on our new 200 plus acres

We offer a multitude of species to hunt, including, but not limited to, Russian Boar, Texas Dall Ram, Barbados, Ram, Corsican Rams Aoudad, Fallow Deer, and Elk. We also offer African Game upon request.
No need to incur all the costs of traveling when The Moonshine Ranch can meet all your hunting needs close to home.

Preserve Turkey Hunts Starting at $785

Russian Boar:

• Up to 200 lbs $795.00
• 200 to 275 lbs $885.00
• 300 to 350 lbs $995.00
• 375 to 450 lb $1395.00 (monsters)
• Feral meat hogs $665.00


Rocky Mountain Bull Elk $4,200 and up

Cow Elk $2,200 and up

European Fallow Deer $2,200 and up

Feral Meat Hogs $650 and up

Corsican Rams $895 and up

Mouflan Rams $895 and up

Black Hawaiian Rams $895 and up

Texas Dall Rams $895 and up

Whitetail Deer $2,300 and up

Bison $3,200 and up

Audads Price on Request

Ibex Price on Request

Water Buffalos starting at $2500

Ram and EWW meat hunts $395

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(631) 745-3235
Equinunk, PA 18417

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