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A Place Where Your Hunting Dreams Become A Reality
We offer Archery, Crossbow, Shotgun, and Rifle hunts. Our Archery hunts are conducted from strategically placed tree stands as well as ground blinds. Spot and stalking is available when guided. Pennsylvania hunting licenses are required. Mandatory state restrictions on antler sizes to ensure maximum growth, which has been known to produce larger bucks.

Now Open!... Our Private Preserve only 2 hours from Manhattan.
No license required, open all year round, weapon of your choice.
Russian Boar, Elk, Deer, African Game, Sheep, and Rams.

Your Host

Your host and guide is Lou Lampitelli, a well traveled and experienced hunter. He has hunted all over the world. He is an avid bow hunter, and has harvested over 30 plains game species, as well as dangerous game with his bow. By traveling a very short distance from your home, a hunter can leave his everyday problems, while he relaxes in the wild. Lou's knowledge and experience will provide you with an exciting and memorable hunt. 


Latest Blog Posts:

Wild Winter Hunting
on Friday, February 10 2017

On an icy cold morning in the foot hills Poconos. Vinny and his crew harvested some trophy boars. With icy temperatures the ground crusted with ice with each foot step sent the critters running for hills as day wore on we wore the beasts down. These cold winters add thrill to the hunt and nothing is more thrilling than taking an exciting excursion with Lou and his Moonshine Ranch Hunting tours. I called Lou the other day and he had just gotten back into cell phone reception letting me know he was just coming in from a hunt, and the temperature was 11 degrees above zero and he had just bagged a monster boar after enduring a grueling and frigid hunt with his hunting buddies and crew, Talk about a dedicated hunting trip you know it takes a skilled guide and a lot of experience to track and kill MONSTER TROPHY BOARS like these big bad boys!

SEE MORE of these and other great Boar Hunts on Lou's website The Mooonshine Ranch.com   or of course share a comment on The Moonshine Ranch Outfitters | Facebook

This is the time for challlenging hunts and so you can also come match your wits against some wild Bison Hunts or even match wits against the cunning beasts themselves as you set out on an all inclusive Ram Hunt at the Moonshine Ranch Lodge and Preserve. In fact Lou was mentioning they had an all inclusive Ram Hunting Package at a steal of a deal for only $1,200 which I would say is not only the best bang for your buck as far as havbing a thrilling and memorial experience but also a great oppportunity to add another fantastic memory, exciting experience and learn some new awesome hunting techniques from the masters... but also a great way to spend a weekend with some of your best hunting pals. Book it now at the Moonshine Ranch or simply give Lou a direct call at (631) 745-3235  or email at moonshineranch1@aol.com

We provide accommodations for your stay at one of our many lodges in the area. We offer modern accommodations, where you can shower, before sitting down to a hearty home-cooked meal. Comfortable beds, bedding and towels are provided. You need only to bring your personal effects. We have a private room available for couples as well as a barbeque area for your convenience.

So if your looking to bag a MONSTER TROPHY BOAR this winter give The Moonshine Ranch a Shout out!


The Moonshine Ranch is conveniently located in North Eastern P.A Wayne County just 2 hours from Manhattan. This private preserve is nestled in a remote area with a short drive to Monticello NY Raceway and Casino.There is antique shopping, movies, theaters, rafting, canoeing, and tubing down the Delaware River. Fishing opportunities are abundant as well. Guests may choose free range Bear, Deer, and Turkey hunts as well as preserve hunts, complete with a guide to help maximize your success.

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I read this BLOG and decided to share it as well...

How to Field Dress a Hog

When you start hunting wild hogs, learning to field dress the animal properly is critical. In addition to keeping your meat delicious and edible, proper field dressing also ensures that you use as much of the animal as possible, and that you stay safe in the process.

Regardless of whether you’re a new hog hunter or an experienced hog enthusiast looking for a refresher course, these tips are for you.

How to Field Dress a Hog: 5 Steps

Once the kill is over, the work begins. Follow these five tips to properly field dress your next hog.

1. Bring the right tools
Having the right tools is of the utmost importance for successfully field dressing your hog. Ideally, you want a good-quality hunting knife with at least a 4-inch blade, a folding saw, a packable hatchet, large plastic bags, game bags, rope, game hooks, pulleys and gloves.
To make these items easier to pack, organize them all in a tool bag with a strap to take with you when you leave on your next hunt.

2. Hang your hog to prepare for field dressing
Hanging your hog makes the process of field dressing much easier and keeps the meat clean during the process. To hang the pig correctly, use your hunting knife to make small holes in the hog’s rear tendons, just above the hooves.
Feed the game hooks through the holes and use your rope and pulley to raise the hog high enough (using a structure like a tree limb) that you can reach all parts of its body easily.

3. Skin the hog
The next step is to skin the hog. While many people attempt to skin a pig by removing all the skin at once, removing it in strips is faster and easier.
To begin removing the skin, use your hunting knife to cut two long lines from the hog’s head to its tail. Once you’ve done this, remove the skin in strips, making more cuts as you go.

4. Remove the head of the hog
The hog’s head is a significant source of weight, and removing it in the field will make the hog easier to process and move.
To remove the hog’s head, use your foldable...Read entire article...